WHMCS 官方网站 被黑

WHMCS 官方网站 被黑

刚收到的通知 现在时间是北京时间 5月22号 早上4点30分

访问官方客户中心 会跳转到SSL 并且无法访问

WHMCS官方数据库被访问过 也可能被下载了
信用卡购买的信息可能被泄露 我估计应该是100%泄露了 一般只有冲这个去的才会这么干
最近17个小时内的订购信息 全部丢失
最近17个小时的工单和技术支持请求 全部丢失

1. 马上更改WHMCS官方的密码信息
2. 如果有请求官方的技术支持 并且提交过FTP等信息 包含密码的 立马更改

WHMCS Site Downtime
As many of you will have noticed by now, we have today become the unfortunate victims of a severe and malicious hack.

We are currently working to restore normal operations as quickly as possible and will post updates here as they become available here.

Initial indications are that the database of our ticketing system may have been compromised, and thus we would recommend that if you have recently sent us a ticket containing your WHMCS or FTP login details, and have not yet changed them again following that, that you do so as soon as possible. As soon as we know more about what happened we’ll provide updates.

In terms of licensing, providing you have a valid local license key then at this time you should not be experiencing any interuptions in service. If you are doing a new installation or moving your license and thus require a license refresh, these will not be available until the site is back online. Or alternatively if your local key was not valid prior to this downtime, then you may also be experiencing issues validating currently, and once back online do get in touch with us so any local key issues with your installation can be resolved.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We ask you to stick with us – now more than ever – in a challenging time. We promise to get everything back to normal soon.

UPDATE 18:09 The license checking server is now back online and providing valid license responses. So if you were experiencing licensing errors before, these should now be resolved. Our website and ticket desk should be back online within the next 30-60 minutes.

UPDATE 19:20 The main site is now being restored. Those with invalid local keys may experience intermittent license validation issues again.

UPDATE 19:55 The main site and ticket system are now back online.

UPDATE 20:50 Now our systems have been restored, a status update has been posted here: //forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=47650. Any further notifications will also be made there.

Dear All,

It may be a little early for this post since at this time, our web hosting provider are still investigating and looking into exactly what happened, and why, and are yet to report back to us. But here is what we know at this point in time.

A little over 4 hours ago our main server was compromised. This server hosts our main website and WHMCS installation.

What we know for sure

1. Our server was compromised by a malicious user that proceeded to delete all files
2. We have lost new orders placed within the previous 17 hours
3. We have lost any tickets or replies submitted within the previous 17 hours

What may be at risk

1. The database appears to have been accessed
2. WHMCS.com client area passwords are stored in a hash format (as with all WHMCS installations by default) and so are safe
3. Credit card information although encrypted in the database may be at risk
4. Any support ticket content may be at risk – so if you’ve recently submitted any login details in tickets to us, and have not yet changed them again following resolution of the ticket, we recommend changing them now.

At this time there is still no evidence to suggest that this compromise actually originated through the WHMCS software itself. This was not merely a WHMCS system access, and since we do not provide hosting ourselves, our WHMCS is not hooked up in any way to our server.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your support, now more than ever in this challenging time.

Once again, we strongly urge all users to cycle all their passwords, not just for WHMCS, but for any associated services that may have been provided to us at any point in time.

As soon as we know more, we will post further updates.


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